DOGE ZERO Ristopub & Beer Shop



Doge Zero was created in 2018 in Zero Branco, a stone’s throw away from the main brewery, thus realising the founders’ dream: opening Birrificio del Doge joints, something more than the usual pub. Informal and stylish, Doge Zero is the place where food and beer are skillfully paired, with seasonal menus and bartenders who can suggest the best beer matching your favourite food and your personal taste.


Doge Zero is much more than a pub: it offers various kinds of snacks, such as club sandwiches, piadinas, burgers, and also appetizers and mixed salads. It also offers seasonal dishes with fresh products from the area of Treviso and dinner parties.


At Doge Zero you will always find all of Birrificio del Doge’s beers, of which 5 on tap and the rest in bottles. Our qualified staff will suggest the best beer matching your food. Special one-shot beers and seasonal beers are also available.


Doge Zero is also a shop: here you can find your favourite Doge beers to buy and drink comfortably from home, or to give to a friend as a present in practical and pretty packages.





Via Taliercio 2 interno 1 – Zero Branco (Treviso, IT)

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